Saturday, September 29, 2012

Summer's waning, time to blog again

September is rolling down the shutters. Summer has packed her suitcase and is headed south. Fall is parked outside the window and has begun to paint the landscape in his colors. It's dark when I leave office these days, longer evenings beckon.

So I think its blogging season again (blogging seems a seasonal thing for me)

The reason I have not updated my blog more often is not that I had nothing to say. Plenty of random thoughts on SaaS, Paas, Software and Services in general, and marketing in particular crossed my mind, and begged to be written up. But I never felt that these random musings were interesting enough for anyone to actually give a dang. Well, I changed my mind. What changed my mind? I just completed a live radio show with blogger celebrities Frank Scavo and Jon Reed, and it was a ton of fun to throw an opinion out there, and have it challenged in public. I had really missed that. And that's what I am going to use this platform for.

Its bait for debate.

Stay tuned, don't touch that dial


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