Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cloud computing ... de-geeked (work in progress)

Yesterday I started a little challenge on twitter to see if we can come up with a non-geek definition of Cloud Computing in 140 characters or less. 
I am posting the responses here in the order received and will update as more definitions are coming in. 

I look forward your your comments on this one.

Cloud Computing is ... 
@jonerp (John Reed)
Is *supposed* to make life easier by using the Internet to help me do things my own computer would choke on.

@timbo2002 (Tim Sheedy)
(1) IT Vendor and analyst hype designed to further alienate IT from the business. How's that?
(2) Your business as a service

In cloud computing you login to the program you want, which is hosted elsewhere, for a monthly or quarterly fee.

"What's cloud computing? That's exactly the point -- you don't need to care. It just works, wherever you are"

@mgd  (mark dixon)
(1) Cloud computing provides application, database, platform, storage, and computing services in a virtualized utility to enable agile business.
(2) Using computing services on demand, on a pay-as-you-go basis, like I buy electricity from my power utility.

Darren Crowder
A cost effective hosted platform that provisions business software capabilities on demand e.g. like electricity or water

Christian B√ľngener
Services and applications that are hosted on and accessed through the Internet


  1. @timoelliot - Beautiful! That's my favorite for a market message. Christian Bungener's is perfect for definition.

    Excellent challenge!

  2. Today's winner of cloud definition challenge is in Haiku: "Clouds not just weather, Removing IT drama, Flex grow on demand" @wrwalke #haiku

  3. matthewflynn@choirshark (cloud) Shared computing infrastructure over the web that distributes cost across participants and lowers the cost for each.
    3 minutes ago from web

  4. jpmorgenthal@choirshark re: 140-char cloud def: The big rental station in the sky

  5. @rohanpinto cloudcomputing = daydreaming + programming

  6. you stay grounded, your apps live in the cumulonimbus. stop thinking about it or it will turn into a supercell. (Tanner Spaulding)

  7. To paraphrase Confucius (or is it Buckaroo Banzai?) "Wherever you go, there your applications are!"

  8. pamelarosiedee@choirshark Cloud Computing: Salaries, hardware, & necks 2 choke traded 4 impersonal but scalable magic; metered rates 4 someone else 2 care

  9. jonathansander@choirshark cloud computing puts the complexities of programs & applications on the web and keeps the benefits on your desktop

  10. wevanswest@choirshark Cloud Computing=1) Renting storage, apps, database, etc. from someone else 2) Paying from operational not capital budget

  11. JoeBaguley@choirshark Cloud Computing never means the same thing to the same two people, it all depends on their marketing stance

  12. Lautza@choirshark Cloud computing enables companies to benefit from software they need without having to implement or maintain it.

  13. damienstevens@choirshark Cloud Computing is the abstraction of hardware, allowing you to deliver or consume an application as a service.

  14. c=computing l=load o=on u=unknow d=datacenter


    c=computing l=load o=outside u=underbudget d=datacenter

  15. Cloud computing is dead! Oops, did I say this too early in disrespect of the hype curve. Help me out, where are we on the curve? Shall I wait a bit. Ok, but don't say I didn't tell you.

  16. thorstenster@choirshark Cloud Computing: When the software you use runs on the internet (and not on your hardware)

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  19. Cloud Computing means providing many computer and software services via internet.